We have carefully selected the local tourist providers to our quality standards and requirements.

Intermediary reseller.
We expressly state that We act as an intermediary seller in the reservation or booking of the different tours and activities.
This means that all Tours and Activities are delivered by third-party providers.
We are not responsible for the Tours and Activities provided as an intermediary seller, and therefore, We are not liable for any delay, damage, loss, injury, liability or expense caused to any person or property in the provision of Tours and Activities by a local provider.

Customer service.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you have a problem with a local provider or you are dissatisfied with the service that you have received, please contact us in order to track the specific case and help us maintain our quality level.

We reserve the right, for technical or operational reasons, to alter in all or in p the content, order and/or scheduling of the Services or the Tours and Activities, before or during their execution.
We may cancel any Services or Tours and Activities where any of the following circumstances appear: a) Where force majeure or fortuitous events occur; b) Where the delivery of the Services or the Tours and Activities is not possible, despite us having worked with foresight and due diligence, and through no fault; c) where the alteration of third-party providers rates or currency exchange rates demands a substantial increase in the Price of the Tours and Activities, and this leads to consequent cancellations of those travellers who were registered; d) where there is a failure to reach a sufficient number of reservations or bookings.

We take fraud very seriously. We reserve the right to cancel any vouchers without a refund if we perceive any fraudulent or improper activity from You. Pricing Structure and Price Modifications.
Our prices and pricing policies depend on our third-party providers. We reserve the right to adjust the Prices when third parties providers modify their rates. As Prices may be subject to change without notice, please check our Site regularly for updated Prices.

These Terms and Conditions and all Contracts celebrated therewith shall be governed by the Brussels Convention.

We work with operators duly registered with the competent bodies!
Trabalhamos com operadoras devidamente cadastradas nos órgãos competentes!